The Alix Lynx "Enchanted" NFT Collection

A collection of one-of-a-kind trading cards personally designed by me, for you.

Live NFTs

Enchanted 001:

Cosmic Angel

“Cosmic Angel” was inspired by my love for both beauty and fantasy, combining the two to bring to life a dreamy piece that I can best describe as what the inside of my brain looks like when I drift off into a deep slumber full of vivacious dreams.

Sold 2/17/22

Enchanted 002:

Garden Pixie

“Garden Pixie” was inspired by the beauty and wonder I find in even the smallest pieces of nature, like flowers. This is a dreamy piece that captures my eternal mood: daydreaming and fantasizing about worlds beyond my own in my own tiny corner of the universe.

Sold 3/01/22

Enchanted 003:

Aquatic Wishes

“Aquatic Wishes” was inspired by my love for the ocean, which is my favorite place on earth to be with its ethereal beauty and the enchanting world that lives beneath it, much of which has yet to be discovered.

Sold 3/30/22

Enchanted 004:

Ethereal Elegance

“Ethereal Elegance” was inspired by some of my favorite things - nature, beauty, and creatures both great and small. Whether real or fictitious, each element in this piece represents some of the most beautiful wonders that the world has to offer.

Sold 4/12/22

Enchanted 005:

Darling Daydream

“Darling Daydream” was inspired by my love for the creatures of this planet and the places my mind takes me on the daily, to a world of pure magic where anything is possible.


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Got Questions? I Have Answers!

What is the “Enchanted” NFT Collection?

The “Enchanted” NFT Collection is a collection of one-of-a-kind trading cards personally designed by me. Each collectible card is different from the next, features me in animated form, and is also signed by me.

The “Enchanted” NFT Collection was inspired by my adoration for femininity and fantasy, and each card reflects a different realm of both.

I created this collection with the intention of creating really, really special, and unique (one of a kind) pieces of digital art for my biggest fans to add to their NFT collections for years to come.

Each card in the “Enchanted” NFT Collection will be released one at a time and will go to the highest bidder.

How Many “Enchanted” NFT Cards are There?

There are five unique cards in the “Enchanted” NFT Collection, each designed and signed by me. Once each of these five cards are gone, the “Enchanted” NFT Collection will be sold out forever.

How Do I Purchase an “Enchanted” NFT Card?

All available NFTs can be purchased through the links above through OpenSea.

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Who is Behind the “Enchanted” NFT Collection?

It’s me! Alix Lynx, adult entertainer, artist, and master of mischief extraordinaire. I designed every single NFT in this collection, tending to every detail to make sure each one is perfect before launching. Each of these pieces are incredibly special to me and I’m wildly excited to finally be able to share these special collectible pieces of art - and my world - with my fans.

Are the NFTs Unique?

Each of the NFTs in the “Enchanted” Collection are 100% unique and pulled directly from my own wildly imaginative brain. :)

Will There be Other Collections?

YES! My intention is to release other specialty collections, each with five unique collectible cards signed by me. Each collection will be different from the next and will contain one-of-a-kind pieces designed by me. Upcoming collections include the “Dream Garden” Collection, the “Cosmos” Collection, the “Creature” Collection, and more!

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